Evan Isaac is a natural performer. When he takes the stage or sits down to play an instrument the room is instantly lit up. He brings his honest perception of everyday life into being with the infectious groove that pulses through his body at all times. He describes his genre as art-pop and interweaves layers of classic rock, power pop, indie rock, hip/hop and different era's of pop and world music. As you listen to each one of Evan's songs you will be transported to a unique world that is inviting and at the same time vulnerable.  An unbridled joy is apparent alongside an unattached melancholy that yearns for something more. 
Evan Isaac was born in Pittsburgh, PA, an only child. He grew up in a small town near Pittsburgh named Sewickley, PA. He has been playing in bands for twelve years starting as a teen in Pittsburgh where he garnered considerable local acclaim. He then attended University of Southern California’s Music school for undergrad and lived in LA for 5 years. There he played shows and made records with his band GoodKids. After the breakup of that band Evan decided to relocate to Pittsburgh for a few years. There he started to develop a fresh, new alt-pop sound with some friends locally, remotely and on his own. After the pandemic, he relocated to New York City to launch a new phase in his music career. He currently plays shows and records around the city and elsewhere.  
Evan is inspired by a few genres of music including certain classic rock, alternative rock, hip-hop and music from around the world like Pakistan and Cuba. Evan is also ever interested in spirituality, novels, history and comedy. He did theater as a kid and loves all types of performance.  
Evan is an avid reader of fiction and poetry, he knows just enough history to entertain himself, and is one day going to write musicals. He also scored an acted in a comedy pilot that his uncle wrote and directed called PCTV. Evan and his partner Lacey Hall are making hand-drawn animations that Evan is scoring with experimental music and he is very excited to share that as well.
A passing breeze, a gemstone, an overheard argument, a choir in the distance, the rumble of stovetop espresso as it slowly heats up and brews, the feel of a new pen as it glides across paper while music swirls in your head, when you get a call from a loved one, when you know you've hurt someone, when you feel immense belonging and joy. These are the things at the table, folks.