Evan Isaac was born and raised in a unique town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. He showed an interest in music from a young age. Little songs that he wrote would become part of his psyche and he insisted on performing them. An only child, he found solace in creating imaginary worlds in his mind full of characters with their own voices and songs. He participated in theater in high school and started his own band Crossing Boundaries where he wrote and performed music with his friends. They attained some critical acclaim winning the Tri-C High School Rock Off in Cleveland and opening for many big Pittsburgh acts like the Clarks, Rusted Root and even Mac Miller.
During college in LA among an atmosphere of many talented musicians at the USC Thornton School of Music he formed the band GoodKids. They achieved a small cult following in the LA area. He continued to record and perform original music, even working with Grammy-award winning producer J.J. Blair. 
After college Evan relocated to Pittsburgh for four years where he began this solo project. He is inspired by great artists like of Montreal, Outkast, Carole King, and Silvio Rodriguez. Evan always knew New York City was somewhere he wanted to live as a young adult. His father is from Brooklyn and he spent many weeks every year visiting his family and taking in the city. He even met Blondie while busking as a teenager. Evan is now based in NYC and continues to push the envelope in recorded music being a quiet inspiration to many.